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Prerana PU College:
Empowering Young Minds for a Bright Future

Prerana PU College, established in 2017, strives to provide high-quality and affordable pre-university education for science and commerce streams in Belagavi. We empower young minds to become future leaders. We achieved a phenomenal 100% board exam pass rate in 2022–23 for both science and commerce, solidifying our position as the #1 PU college in Belagavi City. We offer a nurturing environment that fosters academic and personal growth.

Best Pu college in Belagavi

Why Choose Prerana PU College for Your Science & Commerce PU Studies in Belagavi?

  • 100% Board Exam Success & Top Ranking:

    We are proud of our 100% science and commerce board exam pass rate in 2022–23 and being ranked the #1 PU college in Belagavi City.

  • Expert Faculty and Personalized Attention:

    Our experienced faculty deliver focused learning in small class sizes (45 students) for personalized attention, ensuring your success in PU courses.

  • Preparing You for Beyond Academics:

    We offer integrated coaching for both theory and competitive exams like CA and CS, preparing you for success beyond PU academics. 

  • Modern Infrastructure and Holistic Development:

    We boast well-equipped science and computer labs, a library, hostels (if applicable), and workshops for skill development, providing a holistic learning experience. 

  • Open Communication and a Supportive Environment:

    We prioritize regular communication with parents and ensure open access to teachers, fostering a supportive learning environment.

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Our Mission: Making Learning Fun and Empowering You for Success

At Prerana PU College, we believe learning should be an engaging and enjoyable experience, igniting a lifelong love of knowledge. Our experienced teachers are passionate guides, always there to support you in your science and commerce PU courses. We take fairness and honesty seriously, and we want you to be the best you can be, prepared for a fantastic future!

Our Highly Skilled Faculty: Your Guides to Science and Commerce PU Success

Our top instructors are highly skilled and have extensive experience. They excel at explaining complex science and commerce concepts in a clear and engaging way. They employ innovative methods to make learning interactive and ensure you grasp the knowledge required for PU success. You can always count on them for help and guidance throughout your PU courses.

Prerana PU College: Beyond Academics, Building Responsible Citizens

Prerana PU College believes in education that extends beyond textbooks. We actively participate in community engagement initiatives, fostering a sense of social responsibility in our students. Through volunteering and collaborating with local organizations, we empower you to become a responsible citizen who makes a positive difference!

A Well-Rounded Education: Balancing Academics with Extracurricular Activities

At Prerana PU College, we understand that learning goes beyond exams. We encourage a well-rounded education by providing a variety of sports, clubs, and other activities outside of academics. Our students excel not only in their science and commerce PU courses but also in extracurricular activities, bringing pride to the college by winning competitions at the city and national levels.

Hear What Our Students Say About Their Experience at Prerana PU College

Adarsh C PatilAdarsh C Patil
21:47 17 Mar 24
Kartik LalasingiKartik Lalasingi
11:14 16 Mar 24
Sakshi DalawaiSakshi Dalawai
02:05 16 Mar 24
Bhagya skBhagya sk
13:50 15 Mar 24
Pragati MedarPragati Medar
13:49 15 Mar 24
Shravan benniShravan benni
12:41 15 Mar 24
Best college to build our future
Ryan PatkeRyan Patke
14:22 21 Jan 23
At the beginning it wss like “yeh kya clg hai” na ground hai,, na open space kuch karne ko “but who would know tht!!! The time spent in this 2 years of college life will always be a precious moment ❤️!! Met 50 new faces on the 1st day of college & those 50 faces have reached to the family level 🫂❤️ !! Never thought tht the teaching staff of our college will be soo free with us !! Specially “Jayesh Sir” His a man with golden heart 💛 always there for us to support us !!! Let there be any situation is always been a supporter to us 💗 !! Thn comes “The man with open heart” Venugopal Sir the principal of Prerana college!!! He is always been a second father to me & he is a man tht always understands wht we are going through without telling he always been there for us ❤️‍🩹 !! In this 2 years of college made many memories together 🫂❤️ !! The head of the College “MD Girish Sir” Never got too close with him but he is always been there to listen to our talks & always helps us to manage & organise events in the college 💓 !! Learnt many things & Its very hard to say goodbye 🥺❤️ !! Really gonna miss this day’s spent in this 2 years of journey ❣️ !!! I will always remember wht “Jayesh & Venu sir thought me”Prerana College 🔥❤️
Vaibhav BaadkarVaibhav Baadkar
03:56 11 Jan 22
Proud to be a part of such a reputed institution.... Train students suitably for their competitive exam along with board exam at competitive fee structure...... Excellent PU College not only in Belgaum city but also in entire Karnataka 👍👍👍

Life @ Prerana

At Prerana PU College, we are a dynamic community that thrives on innovation and problem-solving. We embrace challenges and believe in collaborative efforts to achieve success. We hope to develop long-lasting relationships with our students and empower them to embark on a rewarding journey in science and commerce PU courses.

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